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 All your performance-determining factors on and off the pitch are optimized here!

25 years of coaching experience / 15 years of scientific sports analysis skills

The personal learning offer by Andy can only be used during the Bavarian holiday
season a few hours on weekends. Club training is generally not possible.

You can already pre-order the padel book by Christian Bonk with 60 pages of contributions by! 

Click this link. In the book, there is - for example - this interview with a youth national team player.


Contact us now and book your patricio padel or tennis holiday DTB week with fun and sun!

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Practice-oriented sports science - individual analyzes

Biomechanical technique analysis (just Tennis), basic tactical questions and consequences (just Tennis), video analysis, Training: planing and control, sports psychological observations and adjustments, mental training, measurements, University visits for collaboration, video conferences, analysis of performance-related influencing factors


Since 2021 we have had 27,400 single visitors with tennis. 

Let's see how many there will be with padel from mid-April 2024.


 In the last 3 Jahren we could also learn from world coaches like Nadal or Castellani thanks to the GPTCA!

In den letzten 3 Jahren konnten wir auch dank der GPTCA von Welttrainern wie Nadal oder Castellani lernen!


We provide you with a constant analysis of all performance determining factors and your coach with the evaluation!
We are characterized by constant sport scientific thinking and planning of your player development.
Du bekommst bei uns eine ständige Analyse aller leistungsbestimmenden Faktoren und dein Coach die Auswertung dazu!

Wir zeichnen uns durch stetiges sportwissenschaftliches Durchdenken und Planen deiner Spielerentwicklung aus.

Lecture: Learning how to learn in competitive tennis. Regional Congress South, Association of German Tennis Teachers

Vortrag: Den Schülern im Leistungstennis das Lernen lernen. Regionalkongress Süd, Verband deutscher Tennislehrer