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Already 4 months before the worldwide market launch of this highest certificate design, we were able to receive the first Excellence Diploma in 2018 in September, exclusively protected in the German speaking countries by our scientific training foundation. If he trusts us, you can too! The first additional certificates for the free market have only been available in Germany since January 2019. This is Nadal's highest diploma, through which performance trainers can access the complete methodology of Toni. 


Toni Nadal is the uncle and professional coach of Rafa and the Nadal Academy in Mallorca. He is also one of the world's best coaches and co-founder of the international ATP professional coach association GPTCA. Since 2018 it has been possible for him to be certified by a one-year training system.Toni Nadal, together with his training partner WorldMastery, offers two different levels and an Excellence variant of the certificate, the latter being the highest training level.


The course includes the following in a 9-month learning process:
- The same course content that Toni has done with Rafael in the past in one school year.
- 30 years of professional experience condensed into a complete programme
- Toni´s Secrets for stroke technique, legwork, place coverage, motivation and much more
- Tips and tricks that help to professionally promote the learner's concentration
- Important information for analysis and correction of the technique
- Nadal's Motivational Exercises for Tennis Players
- Nadal´s Legacy of trainer experience, with more than 150 exercises for individual and group training
- e-book with Toni Nadal's philosophy
In the further course of training development, even more Excellence content will also be activated.